April 19th, 2019

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For any further information or requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Get in touch with us with our CRYPTED CHAT

About secure chat: military-class AES-256 CTR encryption on chat messages.

Note: Only participants of a room with a shared password are able to read each other’s messages.

More precisely, anyone else who may acquire the conversation without the knowledge of the password won’t be able to decode it. The server use a AES-256 algorithm in CTR mode with a secret password specified by the user. Server holds the encrypted form of the messages only temporarily in the server’s memory for less then 10 seconds, so there is no real chance to retrieve even the ciphered texts.


If you are Gemana client:

1.Contact us with your customer number.
2.Notify the day and time when you want to connect us.
3.Use your id. in section Username.
4.Use the shared encrypted password in section Password.

If you are not Gemana client:

1.Contact us with above form.
2.We notify to you the day and time to connect us.
3.We notify to you the encrypted password.

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