April 19th, 2019
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Globally Minded


The history of our company instill a sense of identity and purpose and suggest the goals that will resonate in us.
The year 2018 marks our 27 years since the business was establishedback in Switzerland in the year 1991.
Our founder philosophy is the foundation of who we are as a firm.
It defines our mission, maps out our vision to achieve that mission, and clarifies the unchanging values that underpin everything we do.
” Having grown to the businesses’ success has been built on trust, pride, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to offering an optimum service.” M.G.A.
Our corporate slogan captures the essence of this philosophy and the unwavering determination of our people to fulfill the tenets it embodies:
“Business Consultants for Business Owners”


From Switzerland to United Arab Emirates

Over the past decades in Dubai, Gemana has kept a steady momentum to become a leader in the business consultancy in the Emirates.
Incorporated, regulated and licensed in DMCC under the number JLT 67583 in Corporate Services providing “CSP”, Tax Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Documents verification and Clearing, ICCRAK Agent licensing number 082,

Today, Gemana in Dubai, is led and owned by the son of the founder who got involved in the business at his very young age and since then has consistently driven to push the businesses to new heights in the areas such as accounting to the founders’ philosophy and values.
Gemana today is still proudly a privately owned business, with a steady planning and ambitious of further growth, where it will keep looking forward to the future by not forgetting its past.


Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.
We are Swiss, British, Italian and middle eastern Consultants, living in a multicultural city like Dubai.
We appreciate each persons’ diversity and we strong believe it brings and value the multitude of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that are generated as a result.
We believe that seeking out a variety of perspectives and fostering an environment where all people can contribute their best work maximizes the potential of each employee and makes us better able to meet the needs of our clients.
Our activity is focused and clearly defined: we strongly believe that maintaining our focus is the best way to continue to deliver our unique blend of extraordinary client service and value.
Because our team is small, all consultants will be able to broaden their scope of responsibilities, participate more actively in meetings and have more chances of talking to executives, they easily get labeled as experts and that builds up their credibility.


Working toward common goals.
We believe that most compelling ideas never exist in a single person, place, company or country, but in many, and change over time.
The challenges that come with significant wealth should not be underestimated.
Many family offices and high net worth individuals, with complex business structures own a diversity of investments, business and real estate interests may decide to setting a fund.
As Managers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, we are aware that a diverse clientele means that clients often face unique situations. It is at times like these that we look beyond traditional methods to formulate proprietary strategies to address these unique obstacles that our clients have faced.
Clients need tailored and flexible interventions in order to create a valid and lasting plan which will be successful from a global, analytical and personal point of view.
Globally: through the integrated analysis of legal requirements, business entities covered by the law, contracts, company ownership structure.
Analytically: by studying business and solutions, suitable for the Client’s individual needs and company set up, which are in line with its development plans and organisational structure.
On personal level: by assessing all the stockholder needs.
Our truly global reach, with a presence in the world’s major financial centres and a range of internationally recognised fund domiciles, enables us to consistently meet the needs of our clients and their investors, wherever they may be.


Independent, privately-owned, boutique consulting firm.
Turnover for vanity, profit for sanity
It’s true boutique management consultancy firms tend to be small, expensive and highly specialist.
Unlike the big firms, we don’t try to be all things to all men.
Whilst we believe that we are the very best in our area (we wouldn’t be able to charge the day rates we charge if we weren’t), you won’t find us shouting about it in multimillion pound advertising campaigns, or sponsoring the Bolshoi Ballet’s latest tour(not that we have anything against the ballet; we like the arts too).
The fact is we’re SMEs (subject matter experts) and we don’t make anything close to the revenue that our big brothers do. However, just because we don’t turnover billions, don’t think that we are the poor relations.
Our margins are good and we have the flexibility to adapt quickly and innovate; as Shakespeare observed in Henry V, “the fewer men, the greater share of honour.”


Helping our clients navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
Nowadays the entrepreneurs are not more informed than they were in the past, they just have access to more information, which also makes it more difficult to ascertain what is useful and beneficial and where potential risks lie.
Even if the process of starting a business activity in Dubai could be complex and financially risky, Dubai is a great opportunity to access to Middle East and UAE growing markets.
We like defining Dubai as the country of great opportunities, where it is really possible to do great deals, but nothing is as easy as it seems, and nothing can be underestimated.

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