May 23rd, 2019
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Fund Foundation and Trust Services

We are licensed as Corporate Services providing “CSP”,and We provide a comprehensive range of services including Fund incorporation (hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate funds), Foundation and Trust Services to: asset managers, private banks, family offices and high net worth individuals.

The complexities of setting up an entity can vary considerably country by country, state by state, and province by province. Each has its own procedures, bureaucracy and mandatory processes that determine set-up timelines and how fast a company can legally commence business.

Our experts not only speak the local language but have detailed knowledge of their jurisdiction (its laws, customs and culture) with regular, direct contact with the local authorities. We operate in so we are on top of changes as, and when, they happen.

We are able to offer fixed fee and single currency invoicing if preferred and we are compliant with all international and local tax regulations supported by robust Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes in UAE, Cayman, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Malta that allow us perform the AML for the fund incorporation and be a transferred agent in Dubai for your worldwide fund.

Companies Establishment

Based in UAE and licensed as Corporate Services providing “CSP”, Gemana is a leading, independent provider of Corporate Services to international clients who want to establish their operations and / or structure in the Emirates.

We offer a full range solutions based on our expertise with the government authority, licensing, corporate and accounting, administration and financial matters, to:

Corporate and Group
High Net Worth Individuals
Wealth Managers
Family Offices
Investment Managers

One of the most difficult decisions for an investor is to identify the best country in which to create a new company or move a department and choose the best local corporate type.

UAE onshore economy is divided into Free Zone and Mainland area.
Each of them, with advantages and limitations that client must know.

IC Offshore, provide a confidentiality and tax efficient solution.

UAE has now become a very well-known place for being the rock for setting up numerous companies for worldwide assets protection. Another UAE’s significant feature is a successful, stable banking system as an alternative to other countries such as United Kingdom or Switzerland.

Global Banking and Compliance

Once a company is incorporated the next step is to open a current or investments bank account

An international bank is a financial entity that offers financial services, such as payment accounts and lending opportunities to foreign clients. These foreign clients can be individuals and or companies. Though, every international bank has its own policies outlining with whom they do business with.

Tighter compliance regulations have challenged financial institutions in a variety of ways. Compliance risk approach has become one of the most significant ongoing concerns for financial-institution executives. This model has offered a limited understanding of the business operations and underlying operations. Many bankers still struggle with the fundamental issues of the control environment in the first line of defense such as compliance literacy.

The need for more accurate and efficient “Know Your Customer (KYC)” checks is growing, with banks also in non-banking financial institutions.

Nowadays, companies and financial companies such as funds in businesses in international banking are facing the complexities of compliance request which can be very costly in terms of time and resources.

Our aim: help clients in this procedure and advice on how to avoid unexpected consequences, through a combination integrated competencies, we shall offer time-saving efficiency, Compliance dialogue with the bank which will be able to replace, enhance your KYC AML efforts and ensure that your processes perform better, to support your growing businesses and in the bank account openings.

Tax Consultancy

International Taxation Services

UAE,is a hub for all major multinational companies in the world.

Such companies require global tax planning. Tax laws, VAT law and tax efficiency by two or more jurisdictions on the same declared income under the DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) are complex areas for any business.

By staying abreast of developments and the frequently changing rules, we ensure that you have a clear and full understanding, enabling you to make the right decisions with confidence

We are licensed in Tax Consulting and with decades of tax experience and global expertise, we can answer your questions, explain your obligations, and help you to plan effectively, whatever the size and needs of your business.

UAE-FATCA Reporting and FATCA Requirements for US shareholders

FATCA – the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – is a US law that has made the world’s financial system the reporting and enforcement agent of the IRS.
It accomplishes that goal by forcing tens of thousands of foreign banks (in dozens of cooperating countries) to annually review their client records.
If those records contain indications of US status (‘US indices’), the bank will write to inquire about the client’s US tax and residence status.

If you have received this FATCA letter, it means that under the FATCA regulations, your bank has detected “US indices” on your account which identify you as a likely US account-holder.

The truth is that you shouldn’t spend a significant amount of time trying to understand your FATCA letter. Your bank’s explanation of FATCA regulations or the impact of their FATCA letter on your US tax reporting obligations is difficult to understand, if not impossible, GEMANA can answer your questions, explain your obligations, and help you to plan effectively your disclosure process.

UAE Value Added Tax

The U.A.E Government has implemented Value Added Tax with effect from January 01, 2018. All the businesses may not be geared up to meet the requirements of the VAT Law. It is imperative that the businesses get expert services to enable themselves to be VAT compliant.

GEMANA with his team professional accountants, will help client in answer to their questions, explain obligations and in establishing the controls and maintain accurate books of accounts in compliance with the VAT Laws.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Minimise the accounting expenses of your OnShore company and free up precious time.

What’s one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to run your business, while reducing your operating costs, and freeing yourself and your staff to focus on what’s important, growing and expanding your business?

Outsource your management accounting and reporting work to us.

Your company’s financial reports are one of several vital document that help stake holders and investors gain a better idea of its business and is also important for decision making at the strategy level.

We offer you the expertise in outsourced accounting, bill management and financial services you need to manage your critical business processes more efficiently, and also offer you a business advisory and consultative controllership in the auditing process through pre-selected independent auditors.

In addition, when you outsource with us, you won’t have to worry about software, hardware upgrades, maintenance, or security and your financial data and business information is always safe and secure.

Our Aim: We are licensed in Bookkeeping and Accounting and We ensure that the financial statements are complying with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and are committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality.

Documents Verification & Clearing Services

Getting involved in the UAE and Dubai legal system can be a nightmare if you have no background on the legal system in Dubai, then you are in for a fun ride. Imagine a hybrid of traditional Islamic (Muslim) law combined with modern civil law that is commonly practiced in Europe and nearby countries and Islamic principles, that govern the core of most legislation.

If you are accustomed to the common law system that is used in the United Kingdom or Civil Law of Roman extraction, you must take time to understand Dubai law as it is quite different. Dubai legal system (and UAE as a whole) does not rely much on statutes (case law) and precedents (previous decisions made in similar cases) like common law systems do (United States come to mind here). Not only, there are different laws for companies (Free Zone or Mainland), labor, real estate, intellectual property and each free zone has its own specific internal law. Because of the commingled nature to complicate things further, the legal system is split into a dual court system in Dubai. There is Sharia (traditional) courts and the modern civil courts. Each handle different types of cases. Although English versions are allowed in most cases, Arabic version is always prevailing, if any.

Minimise the expenses and timing and free up precious time.

Our Aim: We are licensed in Document verification services, and on behalf of others we can: draft, verify, contact and dealing with the official departments, diplomatic institutions and other domestic or foreign entities to verify personal and business documents, these documents involve educational qualifications, job contracts.

We are also licensed in Documents Clearing and we can undertake and submitting commercial and personal documents belonged to others to government and non-government bodies and follow up until finalization

Management Consultancy

Management consultancy

Families and stock holders owning or setting up a Free Zone or a Mainland company in UAE must by law appoint on the corporate license a ‘person in charge’ who holds a UAE residency visa as Manager/Director. Our Focus is to help the management teams of the other organization to create such high levels of economic value for them; so that to overcome their problems in the organization.

We are licensed in Management consultancy and we can coordinating and managing the complexities of the family businesses, investments in UAE and broader family affairs.

Gemana offers a variety of services, whose professional quality is guaranteed by its experts, who are constantly up to date and always able to provide personalised advice on matters of real estate and business and to give qualified assistance to individuals or families. Our service cares for an accurate assessment of the real needs of each stock holder in order to give precise answers to the questions we’re asked, providing practical solutions tailored to each sector, and a degree of flexibility needed to ensure individual responses to the more specific needs, whilst naturally ensuring the most absolute level of privacy, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

ADR and Mediation
Even when it seems like you’ve done everything right, sometimes disputes crop up. Settling them in courts is generally long, messy, and expensive. Alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration, are often considered an easier route. In fact, they can be included in agreements as the preferred method of dispute resolution. Whether you’re considering signing a contract with an ADR clause like this, or you’re facing a dispute and you’re looking for alternatives to going to court, here’s an overview on ADR methods to help you move forward.

Mediation is the conciliatory variant of alternate dispute resolution. The core element of this kind of ADR is the mediator, a neutral third party chosen by both parties in a mutual agreement or even selected in advance. The mediator negotiates with both sides in order to reach a compromise that will satisfy the claims of each. The exact method of mediation varies from mediator to mediator, but is always focused on finding the middle ground that will serve both parties and settle a dispute.

Business and Family Relocation

Corporate advice and much more

Every year, the grass on the other side of the fence looks greener to many entrepreneurs, and a change of place looks like the most promising path to growth. Business owners relocate their businesses for different reasons, ranging from more customer traffic and better growth opportunities. However, relocating a company can also be time-consuming and disruptive, with risks to employee and customer relationships. A relocation plan must include mechanisms for evaluating the risks and benefits of the move, as well as a detailed checklist of relocation tasks.
Our aim: help clients during this processing and advice on how avoid risks.

Visa Processing and much more

Dubai is increasingly becoming one of the top destinations in the world to reside. 
Although United Arab Emirates have an efficient mechanism for Visas issuing, it is not an easy procedure. Our aim: help clients during Visa processing and advice on how to avoid unexpected Shariah consequences.

Sport Brokerage

Nowadays players face unique global challenges and require proper representation to maximize their playing career and their personal brand. With various leagues dotting globe and marketing opportunities reaching across borders.

It is the job of sports broker to provide experience and negotiating ability and to keep an eye for the opportunity for their clients.
They consider opportunities and handle associated negotiations and paperwork in order to pursue the career of the sportsperson.

A sportsperson/player must be placed into a team or competitive environment that is suitable for their age, level of ability, potential future ability and with their salary expectations. The agent will agree to represent the sportsperson and attempt to place them where they will be most comfortable and earn the highest salary, balanced against the opportunities for long-term career progression. Gemana sports broker division is the factor (or “go-between”) responsible for placing a sportsperson into a team, club or organization and the best advisor for sports lawyers, intermediaries they are also important clients for us, as they often need our advice to structure the deals in which they take part.

We are LICENSED RULED AND REGULATED UNDER UAE AND DMCC AUTHORITY IN SPORT BROKERAGE, our licensing covers all facilities approved by official and international authorities as a broker for football players and clubs aiming to provide best offers and deals negotiate and sign transfer or secondment contracts with clubs, it also covers fostering interests of players and representing them before sports, local and international bodies.
We are LICENSED and duly register as an intermediary in most of the worldwide football federations.



” Having grown to the businesses’ success has been built on trust, pride, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to offering an optimum service.”

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